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Apple TV app update supposedly at the end of the month

I have been in contact with Now TV support since July regarding the incredibly poor support the Apple TV app has been given. It hasn’t been updated since 2015 and is still a 1.0 release. 

I’ve been in contact with them regularly just asking for simple features such as being able to access my watchlist etc and just kept being told the tech team are working on an update. I was then told that they were waiting on Apple as without this they couldn’t release an update. I found this very odd so I spoke directly to Apple this week and told them about this and they were incredibly confused. They asked me to contact their legal team and I let NowTV I’d been given these details by Apple and have now been in contact with Apple’s legal department. 

I got a response yesterday that apparently an updated app will be being released by the end of November. 

just all seems a smidge coincidental that nothing has happened for 5 years for customers using an Apple TV but as soon as a mention of a customer now being in contact with Apple’s legal team, after being told updates were being delayed by them and not Now TV, that an update is now supposedly on the way imminently. 

Anyhow, fingers crossed for all of us who just want the same functionality on the Apple TV app as every other version of it on iOS. 


Have you seen this little known about and not much used thread..... 😉



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Thanks. I was looking for it earlier but couldn’t find it. 
will add my post there. 


I installed the updated app today and its a huge disappointment. I was only using it for a few mins and just got so cross with it. I posted a whinge.


good for you.


Perhaps this thread might have sufficed instead of making a new one: