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Apple TV app Broken 10/08/19

Apple TV app is broken. Don’t panic, Nobody panic! 

so I tried to load now tv app and all I get is the menu bar and a black screen. 

things I’ve done

  • clicked all items in the menu
  • closed and restarted the app
  • deleted the app and reinstalled 
  • restarted my Apple TV box 
  • checked network status
  • unplugged the power and reconnected
  • reset my broadband 
  • unplugged the broadband and reconnected. 

everything you would get told to do from a customer support team. To the point where you Set it ablaze and throw it off the tallest cliff while singing “die mf die” by “dope”   

think I went a bit off track there. 

anyway I’ve tried all the above and nothings working.  

any solutions?

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I am having the same issues.  Nothing but the menu bar.  I did all the things mentioned in previous posts and got the same result.  NowTV does work on my mobile devices just not on AppleTV


I have the same issue. Are you running the tvOS beta on your Apple TV by any chance?

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ive Tried tvOS 12 and 13 beta. Both have the same problems. Last time it was working was on tvOS 13 beta about 2/3 days ago. Absolutely nothing now