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Expert 2

Re: Apple TV 4K update


Yes. I've ordered the Apple TV 4k but only really to get Netflix with Dolby Atmos/Dolby vision. 


I have a shield tv(the best streaming box) but Netflix dont support Atmos/Vision on the box.


I've also got the now TV 4k box. A royal pain in the ass to get the enhanced features.


I've spoken to now TV with regards to 720p and also got a "it's on our roadmap" along with subtitles which is nothing short of a disgrace. Can count on one hand the number of entertainment programmes which offer subtitles.


Now TV really need to up their game!!

Why get an Apple TV if you’ve got a Dolby vision enabled tv then why not use that and you should get Atmos through arc albeit not the lossless.

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Scholar 2

Re: Apple TV 4K update


Cannot get Atmos view arc as lg only offer that on their 2017 pled TVs.
Mine 2016 e6.

Hopefully now TV will update their app on Apple TV. Not going to hold my
breath though.

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