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App not working on my Samsung TV after I plugged in a Now TV Smart box



The Now TV app on my Samsung TV was having issues connecting, but it worked if I persevered. Recently I got a Smart box (4k with voice search) and I have no connection issues (yay). However, I tried to start the app on my TV - out of curiosity - and I just get the spinning circles (although weirdly without the orange one). Is it the case that connecting a Now TV box disables the app? If so, how do I get it back? - I may connect the box elsewhere. I have tried reinstalling (not removing and then reinstalling, as I'd need to put in the user/password - which is a pain) and get the same result.


Any advice/ideas appreciated



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Hi @nowthatstv 


Connecting a NowTV Box or Stick shouldn't really have any effect on the native inbuilt NowTV App on your Samsung Smart TV (especially if you have plenty of bandwidth on your incoming internet service).


Might be just a coincidence, where the spinning coloured circle on screen is usually that the App is either struggling to open, the App has encountered a fault / broken or an issue with the internet connection between the Samsung TV and your Router which needs investigating. 


I don't own a Samsung Smart TV and if the linked article above doesn't help, then maybe sign out of the NowTV App, unplug the mains power to the television, then restart the television and log back into the App.


If that doesn't work, see if there is any Software updates available on the television or try deleting the NowTV App and reinstall a fresh NowTV App from your TV Apps Store and then log back into the NowTV App again.