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App for Nvidia Shield TV

The Nvidia Shield TV has apps available from every mainstream streaming service out there except for Now TV. Are there any plans for this to be available? A lot of people want this.


Careful what you wish for.


NowTV are certainly not in the same league as Netflix, who dont seem to have much difficulty supplying apps for the majority of Set-Top-boxes, consoles, and TV OSs... but crucially also keeping them on a functional par and up to date.


Unfortunately NowTV's track record on this has been pretty poor - (cough AppleTV cough).


Ive said in the past that it feels like NowTV have way overstretched themselves and tried to provide their app on as many platforms as possible - the net result being the customer experience for quality and functionality varies depending on the platform you have chosen to use, although still paying the same as everyone else.

The reason I say this is there are a few platforms where the NowTV experience is falling behind others as the apps are not updated regularly - and in some cases just stop working altogether.  In the case of the Boost functionality this is very poorly implemented across the supported platforms and if 1080p and Dolby 5.1 is important to you then you have a quite narrow choice of devices.


It would seem that the 'best bet' right now for a NowTV service is to shell out for the NowTV stick at £25 - at least you can be sure you are getting the most current functionality and in the future it would be.


I totally understand you wanting it to be on the Nvidia device... Maybe message NowTV and ask them (they tend to respond on Twitter until they get bored of the same question).  You say 'a lot of people want this' so if those people let NowTV know then maybe they will develop one.


But as I say, they seem to struggle supporting what they have at the moment and keeping them all up to date and working correctly.. let alone adding another platform to the list.



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I'll second this, it's inordinately frustrating. I own a Shield and it's one of the best streaming devices out there and yet no support? A company backed by Sky's large coffers.

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I'm so glad I read this, 

I signed up to NowTV this week. Due to a lack of spare USB ports on both my TVs, I was hoping to get the Nvidia Shield to replace my Fire TV Stick, and allow me to add both FireTV App, and the NowTV App.


I can't get NowTV to work on the Fire Stick, no matter whose guide I follow.


I tried the App on Apple TV, but its very quiet, I've tried streaming with my PC, also very quiet.


Looks like I will have to find something else to solve it.


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@Anonymous User 


i wouldn’t rule out Apple TV there is a completely new app in the works won’t be to much longer till it is a solid platform for NowTV


Ive no idea what you mean about it being too quiet..? (turn up the volume).


But as @Anonymous User  has mentioned, there is an updated app on its way for AppleTV which we hope will finally put the AppleTV on a par with other platforms (assuming it supports Boost).  Once that is done, the current gen AppleTV is in my opinion the best platform out there given the huge bonus of the apple TV app.


@Anonymous User 


Get a Roku Stick. It has both NowTV AND Amazon Prime Video on it, so it meets your ‘one USB port’ criterion. And it has loads of other apps besides. And you are in good hands, as the NowTV Stick is made for NowTV by Roku, and is in fact a restricted Roku stick (no rivals to NowTV, LIKE Amazon, allowed!) where Roku’s own version isn’t restricted in that way.


And more importantly, you can get one right now; people are pushing AppleTV at you, but just ask them how long the NowTV app has been in beta on it. And why.....


If NowTV for AppleTV is just around the corner, it must be a bloody long corner....



Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.

@RoyB  @Anonymous User 




First, I'd like to reinforce Roy's recommendation to get a Roku Stick, I have a Roku streaming device and I can get both Now TV and Amazon Prime, no problem, and a whole host of other TV channel/Apps.


Second, whoever told you that Now TV could run on the Amazon Fire Stick was either severely mistaken or lying because at no time did Amazon or Now TV claim to support each others products.


Finally, when you mentioned "USB" port, you really meant HDMI.



UK Bob




You said: Finally, when you mentioned "USB" port, you really meant HDMI.

Oh yes, of course. Caught me out also 🤭


My NowTV stick takes up a USB port, but thinking about it, that’s just for the power lead. Not much video or audio without the stick itself being in its HDMI port. 😛


And the stick that takes up the USB port next to it, which does play video and audio, is a USB stick I play .mkvs off.


Confusing, isn’t it?

Good thing it’s all so simple, really.....😎

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.
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@ukbobboy @RoyB 
Oops, yes I meant HDMI - silly of me, I should know better, to the best of my memory, neither of my TVs have USB ports - I have lots of other ports, HDMI, Ethernet, Audio, even SD Card, but no USB.

Thank you both for the advice.

I know neither NowTV, nor Amazon, claim to support each other's products.

I signed up for NowTV Broadband, and at that time was offered a deal on NowTV, what it did not state was that the deal started immediately, not at the same time as the broadband (20th May).
So, with only a Fire Stick available, lockdown in progress, and no spare HDMI slots, I went online and found a guide which explains how to install NowTV on the Fire Stick.

However, whenever I tried to run NowTV on the Fire Stick, It gave me a message that 'My TV is not compatible.'

So I looked for Android TV Boxes, and the reviews said that the Nvidia Shield was the best one to get, good job I didn't buy one, I've already got 2 Amazon Fire Sticks, the last thing I need is more tech that I can't use.

I'm currently running NowTV through a 'borrowed' Apple TV Box in one room, and the PC App in another, but the PC App is driving me nuts, it fails every time I try to start the next episode of a series via it.

I will have to check with the wife if she wants the voice control features, or whether I can get away with the Premiere.


Thanks again for the advice.

Kindest Regards