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Andriod MTV Box ver 10

I have an android MBox running version 10.  install the Now TV app from playstore , but get error message that Now will not work on this device .  why offer it for up to date android box if it won't work ?  Is there any work round ?


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Re: Android MTV Box ver 10



One of the problems with the Playstore is that it can’t stop you seeing apps that run only on certain Android devices, though it can, as you have found, stop you downloading them.


The TV Playstore Now app runs only on Sony Android TVs, I believe, and the full Playstore app only on phones and some tablets.


The philosophy of the Playstore was that an app on it should run on any Android device, but this got beaten back on several fronts; the need for a fairly different UI for a remote control rather than a touch/keyboard device; commercial considerations, like Sony not wanting to fund an app other than for its own devices; and many Android devices have a rather more, er, relaxed approach to content replication than Now would like, and its content-providing partners would demand.


Legit users rather get caught in the backwash 😢

Line 3. Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out…..
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Re: Android MTV Box ver 10

Thank you RoyB  for a very detailed answer. appreciated greatly. As always the consumer tagged on at the end  while doing the job of a tester. 


Sorry for delay had the mother of all Colds now added to by the effects of booster jab .

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