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Amazon TV Launched

Hot on the heels of ITV Hub and My5, Amazon Instant Video has also launched.


Looks pretty decent from a quick play around, serves up 4k and HDR from what I've read.


NowTV really is the last man standing.

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Re: Amazon TV Launched

Yep, just downloaded on my Apple Tv, works so much better than the app on the TV.


I can use the Apple Tv as my main box, as its now complete with all the Apps. 


All this does make you wonder about Now Tv and what direction they are trying to take or not take !


Re: Amazon TV Launched

It's a decent but not great app. Clearly some sort of HTML5 type thing, so it's a little sluggish. Still worlds better than the pile of festering sewage that is Now TV though. 


It supports 4K and HDR10 as every modern app should, but currently no 5.1 audio. This is apparently something Amazon are aware of, but there's no date yet for a fix.