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Amazon Firestick problems

Bought a new Amazon firestick so I could watch NOWTV. On the NOWTV app it just wants me to sign up as a new member through Amazon. You have to close that page and then there is an option to sign in by going to the very bottom and pressing “manage your account” or by trying to press play to watch something. The problem is it will not recognise my email or password even though they work everywhere else. I spent over an hour on the chat help and he reset my password 3 times but it still just says it doesn’t recognise either my username or password on the Amazon firestick but it definitely is right. If I go online on my phone or tablet to the Amazon/NOWTV link that it gives you on the firestick, that link only gives you the option to sign up as a new customer and choose which package I want to buy but I already pay for NOWTV and I don’t want to pay twice.

it seems like you can only purchase NOWTV through Amazon if you want to be able to watch it on the firestick. 
The only way I can see of making this work is to cancel my entire NOWTV account entirely and then signing up to a new one through Amazon on the firestick.

I don’t want to do that,

surely it shouldn’t be this hard!!


it even got to the point where the chat assistant was advising to remove any special characters from my password because maybe the firestick doesn’t recognise special characters but it still did the same thing, says it doesn’t recognise username or password.


please help


@Anonymous User 


I know this will only half help you ....


But I can confirm you are incorrect in your assumption that you need to create a new account through amazon etc... you do not.


When I downloaded the NowTV app on my fire stick I had no such problems and simply signed in as normal and the app works fine.


So, that's not your issue that's a red herring if you think it is.



As to why, if you are 100% certain its not accepting your credentials, ive no idea.


The only hint I can offer is that with NowTV your username might well NOT be the same as the email account that you registered with the account.  Mine isn't.  I have User Name, Password, and Email Address - all different.  So be sure that you aren't trying to log in using Email address and password instead of user name and password.



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Hi nst 

thanks so much for answering.

I’m in the UK and I don’t have a username at all. My email address is my username I believe. I didn’t create a username when I signed up, just my email and when I was on the chat with the NOW advisor they said I don’t have a separate username, my email address is the same as my username.


Also, if I log in online and go on to my account details there is only my email address and password, no username. There is my real name where it says name with a space between my fist name and last name but no username at all. The NOW to advisor couldn’t find a username either.


I know the advisor said that the firestick can’t recognise special characters sometimes so I had to reset my password to have no special characters. That time it went to a screen where it’s checking I’m not a robot but then straight back to the red notification saying that it doesn’t recognise my username or password.


I asked the advisor, since doesn’t recognise special characters then could the problem be that my email has to have @ in it? He said  no, it’s just on the passwords that it’s a problem and reiterated that my username is my password.


is there any other way to create a username for my account so it works?


thanks so much for the help

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Hi @Anonymous User


If when you opened the NOW App and ignored the QR code on screen to create a new account for new members and closed it and then navigated to the bottom of the NOW home screen page and attempted to enter your existing NOW account login details from the My Account tile box.


Then it sounds like you have done things right (assuming you have entered your NOW sign in details correctly).


Some NOW forum members have had problems with the NOW App on the Fire Stick because of being based in either the UK or Republic of Ireland and the App was uploaded to the wrong region or they was using a VPN.


Or the NOW website or Amazon Fire TV App Store was redirecting them to the wrong region.


Maybe try typing "Fire Stick can't sign in" or something along those lines in the Community search box for any results and possible solutions found by other members. 

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Hi schnapps,


thanks so much for answering.

I am in the UK and I don’t have a username, just an email address for sign in. The advisor I spoke to said the same, that my username is my email address and my account doesn’t show any username if I go on account details. 

I also can’t add a device as it says “just watch NOW on the device and it will be automatically added” but I can’t watch now on it so I can’t add it.


can I ask, what is a VPN? Sorry if I’m being thick!


Do you know how I can make sure my firestick is downloading the right NOW app for UK? I bought the firestick in the UK and only one NOW app seems to come up.


thanks so much for your help

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


The username was an option that you had when setting up a NOW account on years gone by and i believe NOW don't offer you an option to use a username (not forum name) instead of your email address anymore.


Because i joined NOW back in 2014 i can use my username or email address when i sign in on any of my playback devices.


You could try using your email address and drop the @xxxxx at the end of the email address when entering (i doubt this will work but has worked for a couple of forum members over the years, mainly when using the Youview box App).


A VPN is a Virtual Private Network where some people sign up to them to either hide their own IP address or to use an IP in a different country to use services in that particular country to take advantage of another country services for example Netflix USA or Hulu  USA and many more in different locations around the world.


If you don't know about VPN then i doubt this is an issue.


Use this link tool below to confirm your IP address and location in the UK. 


If the location is unknown or outside the UK, then either try factory resetting your Router or switch the power off to your Router for around 30 minutes.


Have you gone into your Amazon online account and checked the details about the NOW App.


I would also try deleting the NOW App off the Stick and see if you can add it by going through your online Amazon account with your internet browser on your PC or tablet.


There are a few threads on the forum about problems with the NOW App on the Fire Stick, where if i was in your shoes i would type Amazon Fire Stick or Fire Stick in the Community search box and plough through all the threads, where hopefully there is a post by somebody with the same issue and solution.


I am guessing you have tried a full factory reset on the Fire Stick and started from fresh again.


There is a NOWTV App on Amazon (some Spanish TV) but because you seen a QR code and the NOW main screen opened where you can access the My Account tile box, then it sounds like you have the right NOW App (though i can't be sure if it's the UK version or Republic of Ireland variant that will not run in the UK from my understanding. .