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All 4 live

Hi, does anyone know why we cannot watch channel 4 live through the app? I have it on my phone and it has the option of live TV on that, but not in the Now TV box??

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If this is the smart box then it’s assumed you’ve tuned in the channels via aerial 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi @00jostan

The All 4 App should offer live channels on it (unless a new software update has broken something).

I am assuming you can't see the live channels option anywhere under the App or when opening up the live channel it says something like stream unavailable due to rights? 

I haven't got access to check my NOW box at the moment. 

Though this issue has been reported in the past (see linked thread below). 



Thanks, no nothing comes up when I open the pap apart from the list of categories etc in the left hand side. Can't see an option for live TV either.


Maybe it's an old version of the app and deleting and re-installing would work? 

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@00jostan I don't have a Now device but on my Roku (who made the Now devices) the Live option is on the left (see image below when logged into the community).