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Add NowTV to LG universal search

Is there a way to include NowTV results in the universal search on LG smart TV’s?

At the moment , I get results from Amazon and Netflix (and Rakuten whatever the heck that is) but not NowTV and I cannot see a way for me to add it .

So I assume this is an issue with the NowTV app not being compatible (or open)?

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Also keen for this feature. I am quite sure Now TV used to be included in the results when I first bought the TV but disappeared some months ago. 

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I can confirm that Now TV used to be included in the LG TV search function, I clearly remember it being there, but can't recall when it actually disappeared.


What it boils down to is now I rarely watch what I'm looking for on Now TV, because I usually find it on Amazon, Netflix or Disney+, and just jump to that app instead.  Don't really feel like doing another search on the feeble facility offered by Now TV, when I've already got a match.


Basically, I'm paying for Now TV to watch Sky One live in the evenings, and, since they keep showing the same Simpsons episodes over and over and over, I find myself wondering why I'm still paying for Now TV, especially since they are the most expensive subscription service around, and, to rub salt in the wound, the price is going up in September. 😞


Time to simplify, and save some money, methinks!