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5.1 Surround Sound not working with GoogleTV

Hi, this is a real concern as I’m sure others are having issues too, but paying extra for NowTV Boost when none of the developers seem to care about this issue, and live chat just tell you to uninstall and reinstall the app or blame your AV receiver.


This is clearly an issue with Android/GoogleTV as I’ve just come from a Samsung where it worked absolutely fine. Now when I launch any channel with Surround Sound turned on in Boost Settings I get a static picture with sporadic audio in the background.


I have tried this on both a Sony 50X85J and now my 55A80J. Both have the exact same issue. I hope the Now developers sort this out pronto because there’s no excuse for not fixing an issue on a platform as widespread as GoogleTV. Currently the only fix is to turn Boost Settings back to Stereo and put up with 2-channel audio.


p.s I have tried many settings in the Sound options on my TV including disabling/enabling audio pass through/ eARC / compressed audio Auto 1, Auto 2, PCM. It is clearly a bug with their Android app and it needs fixing.

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