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Activity in Set Top Boxes & TVs (Archived)

Charged twice

I have just realised I have been paying twice for my movies since March. Please could someone help me get a refund please ?

Roku 2

Can I watch Now TV on the Roku 2 just wondering before it's had to buy one

Now box plug sparking

I have a now tv box I have been using successfully for a couple of years. Suddenly this evening the plug started fizzing and went bang! And fused all the lights. Having re-set the fuse box I have tried other appliances in the same socket which seem t...

adding apps

my roku 3 now tv box has usb port how and what can i use it for.also no roku media player app on homepage how can i add to my roku or are there other media player apps thaks   scott

Connection of ROKO to BB router after power down

When i turn off the power to my TV that has the HDMI plug inserted in the back I have to reboot my router each time to get it to re-connect. I am using BT infinity with a line extender and both the router and the extender do not re-connect without re...


Keeps saying connection problems activation plugins not downloaded any information

You've reached the Maximum number of devices

Good evening,I have four Now TV boxes registered to my account. All working fine until I replaced one box with a Roku 3 which I registered with Now TV after removing the old Now TV box in my account devices.Since doing this all my Now TV boxes now gi...

Use of Roku in Europe

I am working in Alicante, Spain as from July 2017 for 2 years and would like to know if my Roku/Now TV will work there please.

Getting started

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