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Mid afternoon Sons of Anarchy- very poor stream quality

I've noticed on a couple of days around 2pm that streaming to my Samsung (via beta App) on 5ghz I get appalling quality as screenshot ; just 136.


I then checked on NOWTV smartbox; same issue.

Then changed to wired from wifi; no change.


Signal quality shows as very good.


I then checked YouTube; couple of videos were fine.


My BB speed around 2.7mbps; best stream number I've seen is 1500.

In the evenings quality is normally much better say 900 odd.


If there's a contention issue would imagine would be more of a problem after 5pm,

not early afternoon.


Is it a NOWTV issue?

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Hi @Geluk


Thanks for getting in touch with us. I'm really sorry to hear you've had poor quality playback.


Is this still happening?


Is it on all content or just this episode?






Expert 2

Affects several progs I checked; however, today mid afternoon was a barmy 1550 🙂