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Error message when trying to install app

So I can see the app when I do a search, it comes up as the beta version, but when I click on it I get an error message which says 'unable to connect to the samsung server (AS415)'


Any ideas??? I have a UE43J5600 tv



Anonymous User
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@Anonymous User - I think there was a connectivity issue Tues/Weds but you'll be ok to download now

Legend 5
Legend 5

Sounds like Samsung passes the nowtv streams via their own servers before reaching their TV sets.


Panasonic seem to also use this method with Netflix and Amazon on their smart TV's and on a few occasions Panasonic have had a couple of server issue problems at their end which can be so annoying to customers (nothing to do with Netflix or Amazon).


I am guessing that maybe Panasonic and Samsung are controlling and monitoring the streaming services apps on their TV's by re directing the traffic via their own servers first Smiley Mad