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monthly permitted user change.

Hi, i am feeling very fustrated with the whole 'one monthly permitted user change'.

I have a house hold of full children who love watching movies however after my daughter added too many now tv devices (tablet and mobile) and removed the main device (TV) it now means that we have no way of watching now tv as a family.

A month is a long time to wait as a paying customer and i feel the fact that i cannot watch nowtv as and when i would like is incredibly annoying.

It makes me buying it mostly pointless and if i cannot resolve this issue i may consider terminating my account.

Is there anyway you can help me with this or anything i can do to undo the change?

Thanks for you help.


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@neeant the quickest method is to jump on to Live Chat and explain your situation, they might be able to sort something out for you this month.
and at the bottom will be a Contact Us button, from here Live Chat should be available (hours are 8am-midnight).

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Legend 5

Best thing to do is pop on to chat explain situation. They should be able to reset limit keep them on while you make sure devices work. Details on contacting chat are in my signature.
Please take a moment to click thanks or marked as solution if this answered your question. I am a community contributor and pop on when I can.