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Remote control or receiver does not work

Hi - not sure if anyone can help or offer advice... connected Now TV (Roku Black) on Friday worked fine... by Sunday remote didn't work/box crashed, tried resetting box as thought it may have crashed, reset router etc... then swapped batteries of rem...

Can't watch particular film

I watch Now TV through a Roku streaming stick downstairs and a Now TV box upstairs. It's a minor niggle, but neither the stick or the box will let me watch one particular film (Stardust) - I watched it once but when I tried to watch again, when I cli...

Firewall Rules for Now TV servers/CDN

Does anyone, or anybody from Now TV know what firewall rules are needed for the Now TV app to communicate and pull down content. I'm in need of the destination port and destination IP addresses of the Now TV servers/CDN. I don't simple want to allow ...

System re boot

Anyone know what's happening every time I turn my box on its re boots itself!! I've tried resetting but still happens any ideas how to solve?

Add Now TV to Roku 2 XD

Hi,I have a Roku 2 XD. How can I install Now TV on it? I made a search but didn't find Now TV as an available channel.   Thanks, Renan

Sky Sp2 out of sync AGAIN

Sky Sports 2 is out of sync on Roku. Anyone else having this???

Card update fail

Still having issues trying to update my card to get sky sports week pass been trying for 2 days now. You said this issue is now fixed but it's still not working.

Resolved! Picture vibrates up and down (new box)

I've just set everything up today. Getting live TV and online services no problem. The quality of the picture is good but it's vibrating up and down several times a second by about half a centimetre. It's happening on both live and online services. T...

Won't log in

My now tv box won't allow me to log in, it's logged out on both of my boxes and it just keeps saying username/password incorrect. I've reset my password and reset the box and it's it's still not working. Any help please?

Resolved! Sound issues streaming MP4 files to NowTV box

We have two NOWTV Roku devices in our house. The first is the smaller Roku3 4200SK and the second is a more recent NOWTV Smart Box (Roku 4500SK). We have a NAS box with a large collection of MP4 files, which we stream to the two NOWTV boxes using the...