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When will Firmware Update to 7.2 released



I have a brand new, bought yesterday, Now TV black Roku powered box. But it is running very old firmware and this limits the apps available for it compare to branded Roku boxes. 


My Now TV ox is running firware 7.0 released by Roku on 6th Oct 2015.


Since then Roku has released 7.1 on 5th April 2016, and 7.2 on 21 June 2016, but neither of these updates seem to available for Now TV.


Do you know when the device will be updated, or do I need to buy a Roku box?







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Legend 5

@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum.


7.0 is correct for the Now TV box. The range of apps on the box is deliberately smaller than Roku due to the cut-price nature of the box and the need not to take away sales from the more expensive Roku models.

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@Anonymous User


Why is it puzzling, we don't all keep the same hours and this is a 24/7 forum.   And besides, I'm not trying to shut you down, I'm just pointing out information that you may not be aware of.


However, I do find it strange myself that you take a neutral debate and see it as a personal attack, I have no stake in the Now TV company, I'm just a customer that owns a black box, use their services and partakes in forum discussions, nothing more.



UK Bob