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Viewing history in my TV going missing after time

We watch most of out tv va Rou box or stick, and use Netflix and Now TV. I prefer the layout of Now TV more myself, but am getting more and more annoyed at the fact, when you have a eries ib My TV - say walking dead, and you habe been binge watching for a few weeks, then leave for a few weeks, when you return it seems to have lost the bar at the bottom of each episode showing that you have watched it. In effect, you need to keep a note of where you are up to with episodes, as Now TV suffers memory loss! Am I missing something?

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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. Those orange bars do tend to disappear after a while for me too, and have always been a little temperamental. If you go to My ATV > Continue Watching this section should list the shows you are currently watching with the next episode due to be watched listed ready for you to start (or partial episode to continue watching). That's the usual way I keep track of where I'm up to with boxsets.