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Now box plug sparking

I have a now tv box I have been using successfully for a couple of years. Suddenly this evening the plug started fizzing and went bang! And fused all the lights. Having re-set the fuse box I have tried other appliances in the same socket which seem to be fine so the plug of the now box seemed to develop a fault. Quite frightening and incredibly dangerous. Has anyone else experienced this?
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@Anonymous User you need to be take it to where you bought it, if you can remember and advise them of the issue. It may be worth speaking to the manager so that they are fully aware. That company will then take it up with Now.
@ukbobboy that is what I use, however I don't think the issue is a power surge here. I think it is the wiring in the plug deteriorating or getting contaminated. It's actually possible for slugs and insects larvae to get in.
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Hi 4268


I agree but power surges can a do damage equipment, especially the smaller and more delicate ones, so I play it safe by using surge protectors.




UK Bob


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Hi @Anonymous User,



Can you please confirm the actual model of your NOW TV branded playback device?


Is it the NOW TV 'white' (Roku LT) box? Which looks like this: -



Is it the NOW TV 'black' (4200SK - Roku 3) box? Which looks like this: -



Is it the NOW TV 'smart' (4500SK - NOW TV) box? Which looks like this: -




Anonymous User
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It's the whit Roku one