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Re: Cannot sign in on my Roku

Yes I can sign on to my iPhone my PCs but my now TVs black box won't let me go past the signing bit I have tried everything from factory reset, reset button on the back of box, new password, new account, update the box the only thing I haven't tried is smashing it if the WALL maybe that my fix it 8weeks I have had this problem and you don't forget to take money from my bank account worst thing regarding tv I have. Ever bought total garbage
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Re: Cannot sign in on my Roku

Hi @Rajahnow


Thanks for getting in touch with us here at NOW TV. 


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you have encountered when signing into your NOW TV Box. 


Can you please let us know if you receive a specific error message? Are you able to try resetting your NOW TV Box via the reset button on the back? 


Can you please also let us know if you have been able to sign in and play out on your PC?








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Re: Cannot sign in on my Roku

I have no problem with my Roku 3 or my pc but I have just added a Roku 2 in another room and can't get the sign-in page. Just the 3 pages advertising the different channels.

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Re: Cannot sign in on my Roku

@marieann11 after passing the third advert you should be able to use the app as per the Roku 3. Have you tried restarting the box, and if you are still have issues removing then readding the NOW TV app?

I'm a Community Contributor not staff, so whilst I know a lot about the service I will be unable to help with any account issues.
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Re: Cannot sign in on my Roku

Thank you everything is now working.

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Re: Cannot sign in on my Roku

I tried to watch a programme on more 4 but it now says you have to sign in, So I googled this Roku an it wants bank details, I'm not happy with this I just want to watch catch up programmes that i have missed, I've had now TV for 5 years and I've never had to sign in before why start making life difficult for people,So my question is do I have to sign up with Roku an put in my bank details just so I can watch a programme I have missed If so WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Cannot sign in on my Roku

Hi @bellegaynor,


Do you have a Roku or NOW TV branded box?


NOW TV branded devices do require you to create a NOW TV account when you first set them up.


And just-so-you-know... NOW TV have no control over 'third-party' apps, such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5, RedBull TV, YouTube etc. Their content, their delivery systems, their UI's and their distribution platform are entirely controlled by the service provider. So if things have changed with the All4 app, you'll have to take your issue up with Channel 4.




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