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PlayStation 4


my voucher wont activate

I recently purchased a ps4 and got a £15 pound voucher for now tv which had a free 2 months trail i tried to activate it several times and it wouldnt work.

£10 PSN Voucher Confusion.

My trial ended today, and I have payed for NowTV for another month. If I remember correctly, I should be credited £10 into my PSN account.What do I have to do to get that? Isit automatic?Regards (:


i got a code when buying my ps4 for NOWTV 3 months and dont know how to activate it 


I have payed a mouth for naw tv and cud not use it at all and am not happy

All4 on PS4 Now TV

Hello. My partner manages to get All4 on her Now TV (the physical box purchased from Currys/PC World) but i do not have it on my Now TV via my Playstation 4. Would there be a reason for this? Apologies if this has been asked.Many thanks in advance.

Sport channels crashing on ps4

Not impressed. Used to have this issue a lot until the latest update and was fine. Now crashes again every 15-20 mins and is ridiculous. I've followed the steps and it still does it. Only happens when I'm watching sport channels. This app has always ...

No sound on Sky sports hq

All channels are working fine. Sky sports hq, however, has no sound whatsoever. I've not seen any messages on the channel acknowledging this so I'm assuming it's device specific. Any ideas?

3 months free trial code

Hi everybody, A few weeks ago I bought a ps4 in Game and they give a code for a 3 months free trial. I've tried entering it in every way possible but it keeps saying it's invalid.has anyone got any ideas on how to make it work?thanks