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PlayStation 4


Can't login to NowTV on my PS4

Hi I'm having issues logging into NowTV on my PS4, I have no problems on my PS3 or on a PC but it tells me my login details are incorrect on my PS4...  thanks hope you are having a nice christmas

Resolved! Audio Quality stereo/5.1/7.1

Does anyone know how you can tell what audio quality the streams are coming down at?I watched Star Wars through the PS4 app and it wasn't very good, seemed to be stereo not Dolby Digital.Can't seem to find any references to audio quality on the NowTV...

don't know where you get the code

Hi, I have just done the deal for the free 10pounds worth of psn, I followed all the instructions but I just don't know where I will get a code? do they send it to your email? or do you have to connect it to your playstation?

Cannot log in on ps4

I changed passwords and got my username emailed to me even though i was sure i was putting it in correctly. Still not letting me log into my ps4 keeps coming up with error 2001.. Really frustrated. Wanted to watch a film. Didnt get it 'now'

Code Not Valid

Code isn't working when entering on NOWTV app on PS4 which I got with my bundle.Clearly not the only one either, needs sorting out. Incredibly poor.Email me with some help please?

£10 psn code

Hi I joined up with the offer to receive 10 pound for psn and still haven't heard back from it and I have made first payment to now tv ?

Now tv not loading on ps4

I'm having problems with now TV not loading on my PS4 since new update. I have deleted all data and reinstalled yet no prevail. It's now been 3 days and I'm paying for services I can't use in full. Can u please sort this out for me .regards

Login problems

Both my android app and ps3 fail to accept my login credentials even after resetting the password 3 or 4 times