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'Payment not authorised' - error message

I have been trying for around 10 days now to set up an account with NowTV and each time I have tried to put my payment details in, which I have been entering correctly, a mesage comes up saying "Payment Not Authorised". At first I thought maybe the systems were down, then a few days later I thought it could be because I was trying to do it on my PS3 & iPhone. Now today, using an actual PC the same things is happening, so it just seems to be a complete joke at this stage.


Considering NowTV is owned by SKY I would've thought that it would be pretty straightforward taking payments for a service and then actually providing the service without any problems.


I have read someone elses comments in the forum and they seem to have had the exact same problem, but a payment actually came out after it had come up with the same "Payment Not Authorised" message. I am hoping this is not the case, and I would appreciate someone getting back to me and doing what they can to sort the problem out.



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@Anonymous User


This article linked below might help.


If you are still struggling then your best option would be to jump over to NowTV live chat, where they will be able to check your account and card details on their computer system.


Open the above linked page, click on "contact us" in the green box this will open a new page where you will see the live chat option.


Recommend using a PC, Laptop or Mac when you contact them.