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PlayStation 3


Can't login to PS3 when I can on all other devices

Hi, I can't log in to watch Now TV on PS3 - I am with Virgin Media. I can log in on Mac and iphone and all other devices. When I log in with correct password it says 'password not recognised' with an error number. It worked fine for several weeks, th...

not even loading

after the psn network promotion worked its charm and made me get this app, it wont even load to the point to get me to sign in. 

Error 10020

Have not registered payment details or payment has expired. How can I resolve this? Or amend details,Thanks.

Error code

Hi trying to watch a film and every 10 seconds it will stop saying something not right wen everything is right will continue to watch film and 10 seconds later something not right will appear again. It also says error code 2 help

sign in problem on ps3

Everytime i try and sign into a ps3 console its saying login incorrect, ive changed the password, had various online help, deleted and reinstalled the app and its still not working. I have no problem signing in on my phone though.

PS3 crashes

I've been trying to watch for an hour now, and I have had to re set my PlayStation and delete and reinstall the app, deleted the game memory and it still isn't working. Every time I click play it crashes, no image no sound just a black screen. Fix it...

PlayStation 3 app crashing

Now tv keeps crashing on my ps3... Can't watch anything on it just crashes or tells me something is wrong... Been happening since Friday

Ps3, app won't allow me to even try to sign it.

Once the app loads I can't even try to sign in. Or press anything at all.I've tried all the "fixes" that are advised by the now video staff, like reinstalling and clearing data. It's frustrating and wasting my money on this service.

This app on ps3 is disgraceful

It constantly freezes, crashes, forces you to do a hard reset of the ps3. I have Netflix and other streaming apps and no such problems on them. It's hard to settle down and watch a few episodes due to these constant issues. I have cleared cache and r...