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Re: This app is a disgrace

*correction: now that I remember - it wasn't entertainment included with the movies pass when I first got NowTV. It was kids entertainment and normal entertainment as a pass together, which was split to make more money. Apologies, can't seem to edit the post.
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Re: This app is a disgrace

I see you in my inbox every week offering 3 months of movies for £10.
Sorry FIX THE PS3 app then I may consider this.
In the past I spent 2 hours on a call to your support team just to get a voucher applied to the PS3 app, I ended up having to install it on all platforms I had (was told linux is not supported) then told to log in 4 different ways, the girl then had to manually edit my profile to get the voucher applied, recently I purchased a 5 month voucher for £25 had to apply that to the account 4 times even though during one attempt you decided to ignore that voucher and took £10 from my card.

I still get constant buffering, crashin, lags, resets and now I even see weird blocking happen on the menus LOL
Seriously do you use a group of rats as quality control in your dev department or are they really really under paid?
I even hear the PS4 app is just as bad if not worse and to think I was actually considering purchasing a second hand PS4 just to try to get better veiwing quality of this crazy app.

Seriously considering going back to my peg leg, bottle of rum and eye patch rather than pay you for legitimate access to content.
I refuse to jump through you scripted responses in an effort to fix this, nor will I call you on a premium rate number as hundreds of other people have also voice their concern and so I think it is high time we get a more official response from Sky/NowTV regarding this sad state of coded affairs within this PS3 app.

All our cards are on the table, yet we still wait to see yours!

@forum Mods:
Rather than give a canned response try to get a senior in your team to "represent" us the customer and speak to either the QA, Development Team, Senoior Management and have them respond to FULLY explain this situation because at the moment we are paying you for a service that currently is looking not fit for purpose and actually feel like a pre-release which we did not sign up for let alone pay to access.

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Re: This app is a disgrace

I too am having a wonderfully Sh*t time with this app. I am getting billed for both the entertainment and movies passes yet my account states that I do not have any passes. better still the website states that I have not made any payments nor have I got any due, yet my bank statement clearly shows that NOWTV have been taking money from my bank account. 


I guess this either amounts to fraud or theft 


Fraud - as I am not getting what I am paying for 


Theft - Taking money from my account for no reason

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Re: This app is a disgrace

You say to cancel which is a great idea except the crappy website layout of NOW TV makes it near damn impossible to cancel a subscription. This is mainkly due to the fact that according to NOW TV I do not have any passes on my account yet I get billed every month for 2 of them.


how does this work??

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Re: This app is a disgrace

@rippedofbynowtv Welcome to the forum. 

If you don't see any active passes on your My Account > My Passes page
then you may be logged into the wrong account and the charges will be coming from a different account.

Might be worth checking you haven't got any other NOW TV accounts, it often happens that people set up more than one account to take advantage of different promotions and explains why they keep getting payments made even when they seem to have cancelled everything. Alternately you might be signed into an old Sky ID you have from having had Sky TV or broadband in the past. If you've got any apps that you used to watch NOW TV on check the My Account screen on those to see what username you are signed in with there.

If you still can't find where the payments are coming from have a word with Live Chat they can help you track down where the problem is. 

To get to live chat, go to the following help page and choose the live chat option.