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PS3 crashes

I've been trying to watch for an hour now, and I have had to re set my PlayStation and delete and reinstall the app, deleted the game memory and it still isn't working. Every time I click play it crashes, no image no sound just a black screen. Fix it.
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thank you for your post.


please try these steps which should help:


Pause downloads on PS3

1.    On your PS3 XMB go to Network
2.    Select Download Management
3.    Press TRIANGLE
4.    Select Pause

Check the Latest firmware update is installed on the PS3

1.    On your PS3 XMB go to Settings
2.    Select System update
3.    Select Update via internet
4.    Select check for update

Delete NOW TV App and Game Data

1.    On the PS3 XMB (Xross Media Bar) navigate to TV/Video Services
2.    Locate NOW TV App
3.    Press TRIANGLE
4.    Delete

1.    To delete NOW TV Data go to Game on the XMB
2.    Select Game Data Utility
3.    Locate NOW TV Data
4.    Press TRIANGLE
5.    Delete 

1.    To re download the NOW TV App go to TV/Video Services on the XMB
2.    Select My Channels
3.    Select NOW TV App
4.    Download

Entering Safe Mode on PS3 to check for corrupted files

1.    Put PS3 in Stand By.
2.    Place finger on Power Button until 3rd beep (the console should power back down)
3.    Place finger back on Power Button until a double beep is heard and remove finger.
Connect DualShock 3 via USB and press PS Button on controller. You should then see 6 options

1.    Restart PS3
2.    Restore Default Settings
3.    Restore File System
4.    Rebuild Database
5.    Restore PS3 (will delete everything on PS3)
6.    Update PS3