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when i try to play now tv it keeps returning to a help page "How to watch NOW TV on a Mac" please

I have to admit i really am furious.


I have wasted an hour of my time with this utter rubbish and i am very close to cancelling this now tv.


I have done everything this so called now tv requires. I have downloaded internet explorer and also silverlight and it still keeps flicking back to a page that says "help center" and "How to watch NOW TV on a Mac"


Really losing my pateince.


Has another member had to deal with this ?


Please help before i put my head through the screen thx 🙂

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Hi @Anonymous User,


For Mac users running OS X 10.9 (or higher), it's recommended that you install the new 'NOW TV Player' app (please refer to the following 'Help Centre' article: NOW TV Mac app) for installation information.


After installing the new NOW TV Player apps, it is advisable to completely remove the (now redundant) Silverlight plug-in from your computer. It is also advisable to remove any unnecessarily browsers you may have had to install in order to view the NOW TV service in the past.


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@Anonymous User what device are you trying to use. Is it a PC and if so what windows?
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