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unable to delete NOWTVPlayerInstaller-Full-Windows.exe


I am adminiatrtor of my laptop.


I had some offer from hsbc and I tried NOW TV for a day. I have to download NOWTVPlayerInstaller-Full-Windows.exe

and I cannot delete the file from my PC. If I do just delete, it say access denied. If I use shift delete than file is coming back immediately.


Can you please let me know what NOW has done to my pc. Has it downloaded anything

why can't I delete that?

If I don't get anything to delete then I have to contact off course HSBC for their intervention. I am scared now of NOW.



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Re: unable to delete NOWTVPlayerInstaller-Full-Windows.exe

Hello moj,

Please restart your PC and once rebooted try to delete it again it should fix your issue. There is nothing to be worried about concerning the safety of your PC, NOWTVPlayerInstaller-Full-Windows.exe is a verified safe and legitimate file, windows sometimes inadvertently locks files and a windows reboot will usually fix.


Regards Dan.