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stuttering picture and sound on laptop

Hi hoping somone can help please and thank you 


i have a hp laptop and have obviously downloaded now tv player as i am guessing that this is the only way to view on a laptop, i have tryed streaming though chrome and explorer and both when trying to watch any tv the picture and audio are stuttering every few seconds so i cant watch it :(. i have seen a few posts about this and woundering if anyone has fixed it or now a way to or something. 


lucy x 

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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. There's currently a few different ways of watching on Windows, so if you find the NOW TV Player helper app isn't great you could try watching in-browser using Silverlight but this only works on IE11 browsers. More info here
or the other alternative is to download the NOW TV app from the Windows Store (Windiws 8.1/10)