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recent update issues

well once again sky couldnt run a bath, just recently been forced to do an update for my now tv player (using my pc) and the controls keep popping up at random intervals, the image and sound keeps cutting/pausing at 5 to 9 seconds intervals making it unwachable.


please dont tell me to use the app via the windows store (even though its the same program you are forced to use when using it via a browser) as this is no better, also my broadband is 200Mb/s with an upload of 16/Mb/s far more than what is required to run a crappy 720p stream......


how on earth are you peeps going to manage when your dish part of the bussines ends is beyond me, i could quite easily get better image and sound from an illegal streaming site!!!!



also i have absolutly no interest in your gimmick style badges, how insulting, i just came back to edit this after reciving 2 emails about badges, would rather you gave a better service than copy catting other sites  who do it much better than you in the first place.