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Watch NOW from your browser

Hi everyone, We have some great news to share! From today you can stream all our brilliant content directly from your web browser – you’ll no longer need to use the NOW Player to watch on your PC or Mac. Find out more about all the different ways to ...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Won't load on the app on a Mac

I am on a mac and when I click on an episode it directs me to the app but then I'm just stuck on a loading screen for hours. I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue/ knows how to sort it

Error 800705aa Windows 8.1

Hi I'm getting a Video playback error, the code is 800705aa with the "somethings not right" heading.I have an Entertainment Pass..I've tried the uninstall reinstall..I'm on a tablet with Windows 8.1, no network issues this side of the fence.loooked i...

NowTV PC Applications

I'm currently using Firefox on a Windows desktop. Unfortunately the NowTV PC applications are far from ideal for how I wish to access their content. The NowTV player is straight up busted. I have the NowTV player open and running, click play on the c...

NOW TV app makes my MacBook Pro overheat.

My macbook starts overheating and making ventilation noises every time i try and watch something with the NOW TV app, I only downloaded it recently, never had a problem watching on a browser but now it wont let me just watch on a browser. Meaning I c...

How to watch now tv

I have a movie pass says no device registered but won't let me register device so I can't watch anything haven't ordered catch up box yet so only have the app on my phone 

F20000 Windows 10

Now TV player is not working on my Windows 10 laptop, I keep getting the error f20000 no matter what I do. This started months ago but I have been holding out for a fix that has never happened. Previously I was able to watch via IE11 but that has sin...

Sports Pass

When I try to play one of the sky sports options I get the message ' Did you mean to switch applications' Microsoft Edge is trying to open 'NOW TV PLAYER'. I have tried the yes and no options but still can't get sky sports.  Can anyone help ?

Can't change channel in Player in Windows 10

Why do I get "Unable to load channel data, please try again in a moment" when I try to change channel in this new Player. I use W10.I have to go back to the website and start again. This is very irritating (to put it politely).

Cannot stream on PC

Hi there,I just signed up for kids pass and wanted to watch something but none of the videos will let me stream. Any idea how to fix this? Do I need a plugin perhaps?

Now TV won't load on Chrome - Mac

I've been using nowtv for a week or so and it was working great. However, now for the past few days when i go to continue watching a show it simply will not load. It looks as if it is going to load but I've left it loading for nearly an hour and noth...