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PC & Mac


Watch NOW from your browser

Hi everyone, We have some great news to share! From today you can stream all our brilliant content directly from your web browser – you’ll no longer need to use the NOW Player to watch on your PC or Mac. Find out more about all the different ways to ...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Now TV Player

I have had the Now TV player downloaded for some time on my MacOS. As such, when I was asked if I have the player already when attempting to watch something today, I assumed so and clicked that option. However, for some reason the player has disappea...

Windows 11 is unsupported

Hi allI haven't been able to use the Now TV player for about 2 months. I just spoke to an agent and they confirmed that Windows 11 is unsupported. Sounds like support for Windows 11 is currently being tested but I wasn't able to get a launch date. Tr...

Films go blurry using NOW tv app on Apple TV

WTF!Reinstalled the app, restarted the router, why does it still go blurry half way through films?I've got 75meg fibre broadband - and only the Apple TV will be streaming at this time. Is the app that Sh** or has anyone any bright ideas? because this...

Shockingly bad application - Please fix it

Can we please get a decent application that actually works.Yet again the player has decided it wants to play everything in fast forward. Uninstalling and reinstalling does nothing to fix thisIt is showing as version 8.18.5 when you open the player di...

NOW Player

Hi, just joined and i was trying to download the player onto my Chromebook. When i press download or download manually it just goes to a blank page. In fact it says ' about blank' on it. 

Resolved! Buffering & Freezing

Does anyone know why the NowTv app freezes and buffers so much on my windows laptop? I've got 90mbps + according to Speedtest and all the other streaming service (BT sport, Amazon, NFL Gamepass) work fine.This is the second time I've tried it and the...

Can't watch on Mac

I have downloaded the Now App onto my Mac and yet when I actually click on the episode to start watching it comes up with a notification box saying 'Do you want to allow this page to open "NOW TV Player"? And 2 options either cancel or allow. I click...

TV Guide on pc player

Good afternoon,I'm using the Now TV player online - their used to be a TV guide as part of it - it now seems to have vanished. Can anyone else confirm this or is it just me? 

Egbert by Advocate
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