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Worst streaming system ever

The fact this subject is nothing new, is just emphasising how terrible this is.


Get some damned html5 or web based services already, browsing via an explorer like chrome/firefox/edge and then launching to a separate app? why...


This is not 1990, seriously sue whatever idiot you payed millions to for making this idiotic system.


The ONLY reason to have a desktop application alongside having to browse via en explorer is for spyware/data collection - which you can't really do anymore anyway... so fudge off and stop annoying your entire customers base.







Before someone chimes in with 'just use the store app'.


Do you realise the insane customer base of people using netflix/video services at work? When on night shifts etc... None of those can use Windows Store app which is why they ALL (but u) have an explorer based streaming system.

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