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Wont connect to play my Sky Sports Day Pass (again)

For the 3rd separate occasion I bought a Sports pass for the day and it wont connect - despite repeated attempts, re-starting my laptop etc



There's an error connecting, please try again in a few moments. Service updates can be found on our community


Every occassion I have been billed for the cost of the pass yet I have never been abe to watch anything!


After clicking Watch Now for Tottenham vs Southampton it flips to Sky Sports HQ which works fine though whenever I try and connect to the game it produces the same error message.  I have been charged £6.99

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Legend 5

Hi and welcome to the forum @Anonymous User,


Are you viewing the NOW TV 'Sky Sports' service using an internet browser with Silverlight or are you using the NOW TV Windows app?


If your computer is running Windows 8.1 (or higher), it's highly recommended that you install the NOW TV Windows app.


After installing the NOW TV Windows app it is advisable to completely remove Silverlight (along with any unnecessarily browsers) from your computer!