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Windows Store App doesn't work but downloaded app works fine

I just installed the Windows Store NowTV app.  I cannot login, it gives me the error "Something's not right".  I tried many times.


The older downloaded app for Windows continues to work fine so I know my account is fine.  Is there a bug with the Store app, has anyone got it working?

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Re: Windows Store App doesn't work but downloaded app works fine



Yes, I have no trouble with the Store App on either 64-bit or 32-bit Windows 10, latest release, and it worked on earlier ones.


But I do know it gives a lot of people trouble; but I don’t know why, despite doing some investigations.


We have found that screenscrapers, even the fairly innocuous Windows Snipping Tool, make NowTV go back into its shell, so don’t run these at the same time, but the nature of the problems these can cause are different from the people getting failed downloads, failed installs, and completely failed runtimes, though.

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