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Windows App on mutli-monitor set up

Hi, I have 3 screens on my pc.. 2 are through the standard display ports, the 3rd is through a HDMI cable that goes to my TV..


On systems like VLC player I can set that player to always appear on my 3rd monitor and use the HDMI sound output...


Id like to do the same for the NOW TV Player.. I can simply drag the app to the 3rd screen and watch on the TV but the sound only comes through my default sound output.. ie PC speakers..


Is there a setting where i can force the NOW TV App to do teh same as VLC player? ie open up on the 3rd screen when in full screen mode and have the sound come through that HDMI cable but still have the default sound on my pc speakers for other apps?


Thanks in advance, Im a newbie to NOW TV so not sure if its possible or not..


Appreciate any info given