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Scholar 2

Why make it so hard to find anything?

There used to be an option to search on the website for movies or shows, without having to log in.

Can't find any way to search now. The whole website is designed to just get people sign up. I use the xbox app and searching is a real pain with the xbox remote, so found it useful to just go on the website on my pc and type in something to see if it was there. Can't do that anymore, unless i'm missing something obvious. Seems pretty bonkers to me. I don't want to sign in on my pc, when i don't watch anything on my pc. Especially as i seem to get automatically logged out after about 2 minutes anyway. I just want to go on the website and type a movie in to see if i can watch it or not.

  • PC
Elite 3

@noeyedeer long term Now users have often said that the search function is clunky at best. Most of us use a 3rd party site called justwatch which has some useful tools for finding content.