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What's up with this new version of NowTV player

Was told an update was available when I signed on to view a show so I updated to the latest version.

What a downgrade this version appears to be as it's laggy to start playing as I'm waiting up to a minute before the video shows up and even closing it takes about 10 seconds. This never happened with the previous version.

In view of the issues, I looked in Program and Features and there were two versions of cisco guard, one from today and one from the earlier version. I tried deleting the earlier version but that didn't help the laggyness of the application so I uninstalled the now tv program and ciscoguard and reinstalled with a fresh copy of the Now Tv player exe. Unfortunately this didn't make an iota of difference with the laggyness.

I'm using Win 10 pro version 1803 build 17134.320 fully updated.

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