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Washed out picture - Black is grey - Windows Desktop



Using the NOW TV desktop client on my PC, black comes out as grey, and the image as a whole has a "washed out" look (because everything is lighter than it should be), which isn't great for watching anything on, and this isn't an issue I've had with any other video player on my PC.


Below is a link to a picture of the problem, with some annotations by me in red. Since the NOW TV desktop client disables video capture software, I had to take the photo on my phone, which is why it looks a bit weird and pixel-y. 


(this bit is a bit technical, feel free to skip over it)

I've had a similar issue before on other devices, where the device would output "RGB Limited" 16-235 instead of "RGB Full" 0-255; if I had to guess, the video decoder in the NOW TV desktop client is outputting RGB Limited when it should be outputting RGB Full. It would be nice if there was an option to change this - if someone could point me to a config file I could play with, I would appreciate it.

(IMO it would be better if NOW TV just streamed through the browser, since browsers now have better anti-piracy capability, I'm not sure if there's any need for a desktop client, and having the client fully in the browser would be better UX)