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Update broke the player again

Like clockwork, installing the update made the app stop working completely. I genuinely can't remember once installing an update and the player just actually works.


I've tried uninstalling the lot and reinstalling, but i still get the same error. It's a new error for me, never had this one before and no idea what it even means. Please check you have valid video and audio devices connected and correctly configured. Umm.... i have a tv connected to my PC. Not sure what else i could have connected to it! Speakers, but i don't have any as the tv does that job quite adequately. I'm no technophobe, i built my PC and have qualifications in computer engineering, but i've honestly got no idea what it's on about. Funny how it had no problem with my "connected devices" before the update and nothing else has ever had any problem with it. Anybody got a Scooby what i Doo here?

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Re: Update broke the player again

Hi @noeyedeer 


Can you confirm what version of Windows you're using?


This might be a bit of a longshot, but when you install the now TV player two pieces of software are actually installed the now TV player itself and something called Cisco video card. Cisco video guard is the DRM component that is used for the player. 


In the apps section of the settings menu in Windows 10 you may see Cisco video guard listed as "Cisco video guard player" in the days of old when this component used to be regularly updated, along with updates to the player itself. It used to be that the old versions of Cisco video guard weren't deleted. You would therefore end up with multiple versions of Cisco video guard installed . This could sometimes cause problems.


With this in mind I would suggest that you uninstall both the now TV player and any versions of Cisco video guard that you may find after this restart your PC and then reinstall the now TV player. This should install the latest version of Cisco video guard along with now TV player.


Hope this helps😀

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