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Trouble getting into NowTV from browser

I'm having trruble getting in to watch NowTV on my laptop. Specifically, after logging in to 'My passes' and selecting sports and 7 Day guide from the top left menu I get a message overlaying a greyed-out schedule grid saying   
"We've encountered a problem

We could not load your details, please refresh the page or contact customer support at



This appears whether I select sports or Entertainment channels , and whether I'm using safari or Firefox. I've tried this on two different machines and on two different networks. 


Any suggestions anyone??


Using my subscription via a NOWTV box at home works fine. 




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@Anonymous User


Welcome to the forum. Yep I can replicate that on OS X 10.13 as well.


I’ll mention it to the NOW TV Team as that shouldn’t be happening.


In the meantime though, rather than signing into your account via the My Account menu, if you go to the NOW TV homepage (which as an existing user should direct you automatically to but if it doesn’t you can always bookmark this) and click the Start Watching button for the pass you want to watch it will prompt you to sign in, and going in this way the options on the menu bar (including 7 day sports guide) all seem to work fine for me.

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Great Andy, that workaround solves the problem. 


Thanks for your help.