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TV shows and movies wont load



I am having a very similar problem to many people on here. NOTHING will load, no tv shows or movies. It just gets stuck on the rotating circles. I have tried selecting various different tv programmes and movies, I have uninstalled the app and re downloaded. I have restarted my router and laptop several times and tried on both the latest versions of firefox and chrome - with all the aforementioned techniques. And im using super fast fibre optic virgin media internet so that definitely wont be the cause. 


I am using a mac book air on macOS Sierra version 10.12.6 as mentioned both chrome and firefox are on the latest versions. 


Any help would be much apprecaited, its really dissapointing to be honest, I am a new user (as of last night until my laptop died  and I have been unable to load anything to watch since) the new selection of shows and movies are great but everyhing else seems bit rubbish to say the least! Amazed at how many people on here are having similar problems, whats going on guys?!