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Suggestions. Really simple ones

Nowtv people. I come in good faith. I can't believe how many basic things are wrong in your service. 

- Subtitles almost never work (with any of your platforms), are stuck, are not aligned with content. I like to watch with subtitles due to being non-english, and I feel like every service has this figured out except NowTV. Shame, because you have good content, but I still feel like NowTV is the my very last resort due to... Well because of everything, except for content. 

- Interface is awful. Why offer me episodes i just watched? why not offer a new episode? Why doesn't the system tell me where I am within a season? Why can't I continue where i left off? It's all so confusing

- You have a separate viewing tool that gets stuck often, needs rebooting, and detects "recording software" I am not aware of. Like do you know how pirating works? It's not that everyone shares episodes, its just 1-2 version somewhere and they will be there even if you harass your actual user base with detecting mysterious screen recording software (and not telling which actual apps you don't like to see open). 

- I tried to watch a documentary that was not in the menu for PC:s, but was in you mobile app? Spent ages searching for it and then i figured out that if i "favorite" it on mobile app, it will appear on the desktop app. What is that about?

- Please figure out landing page. Everytime it feels like you are trying to sell me the service as a new potential customer instead of me just logging me in. Logging in always asks for "captcha"-phrases instead of just showing me what i can watch. It's 2020, user interface is important. 

These are just some quick ones. You have resources to fix these. Please please do. I always feel much better using other streaming services as they UI feel easy, subtitles always work, and never gets stuck.

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