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Streaming on website

Hi There,


I was wondering if Now TV will in the future allow streaming through their website when watching a film rather than opening a separate app on PC /Mac? 


I find the current way of watching movies through this app quite clunky and often run in to problem (sound issues for example having reconnect my devices if the device goes idle and then the sound not working so having to reopen the film in the app) I also find it an unnecessary extra step that takes extra time to hop into the film you wish to watch. Both Netflix and Disney Plus allow you to hop right in to the film no additional app necessary and thus saved time and download space.


I am surprised this can't be done with being able to watch movies directly on your phone / iPad extra.


Any help to improve / make it a smoother user experience in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,



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@Anonymous User 

Both Netlfix and Disney+ have apps on the store.


With NOW its not an "app", because the app got removed from the store some point last year. It is a player that you have to download to watch content. 


Not sure why you would want to watch content via a browser on the phone/iPad? 

All my streaming is via apps. Which 9/10 sites will direct you to download/open the app on your device. 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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Hi My apologies,


it is apps on my phone / iPad that I use.


but normally on my Mac / PC I would watch Netflix / Disney plus on their website not via an app like the NowTV Player but you need this to watch anything on NowTV

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@Anonymous User having their own player protects their most valuable asset - live sport.


There are hundreds of tutorials online to share Netflix's etc web player through Zoom and all the other chat/conferencing apps. 


As long as Now have their standalone player, 99% of users will not be able to broadcast a stream!

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ah okay that makes sense.


I wish they could just employ the player for sport in that case and make films / tv shows separate to broadcast through the website