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Player dropping connection during ad break

I am watching Sky Sports OK whilst the program is on, but when they go to an ad break, the stream stops.
If I close the player & try to reload the stream, I get an error to say that there is no connection to the server.
After another attempt, the ads come on, but then the same thing happens again at the end of the ads & I have to repeat the process (close app/attempt to reload x2) before the program comes back up.

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Exactly the same problem - either the player then closes or the error appears: VGC-4253024363:4280287243


This has apparently been a problem for quite some time, and Sky have yet to fix it 😞


This is happening to us we watch on pc, using the NowTv Player on windows (not the MS Store version) it kind of has three coloured circles spinning at the beginning of the ad break like its buffering however it most of the time comes back but occasionally the app closes/crashes. 


This is very similar to the issue that was on chromecast in 2018 (we had the same as used to cast to chromecast) symptoms identical and it mysteriously 'fixed' after about three months (not sure if officially fixed or whether the offending advert ended its run)


i also watch F1/Sports on my NowTv Stick which is fine and does not have this problem on ad breaks.