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NowTVplayer app onwindows just updated today does not work - surprisingly!

Today, against my best judgement, I obeyed the NowTV suggestion to update my app on Windows to watch something on the laptop. I already have lost more than 2 hours of my time trying to make this app work.

Surprisingly enough the newest version of the player refuses to work. Once downloaded and installed, FOLLOWING the prompts on the screen, it starts, sounds is heard, but there is no image. After few seconds, the player stops.

The app is uninstalled, registry cleaned for remnants, CCleaner ran and the downloading reinstalling of the player isdone. The same problem happens. The player refuses to work.

Before checking here, I still go through all the help pages and stuff NowTV has on its site. Nothing remotely similar is there available.

From my memory, the other time I had to go through here and the complaint system (in vain) was with the previous version of the player, when it was no longer possible to stream directly from the browser. It took years for this to be fixed, and that's showing how much contempt NowTV has for its customer base. The app ws finally working, and upon the new release, it is broken again.


Would NowTV be more considerate and release beta version first asking for viewers to test the new item before enforcing release of something that is so buggy it does not work? Would NowTV consider allowing viewers to continue using the old working version until the update is stable enough?


Sending apologetic messages saying we working on it is not the preferred option.