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NowTV on Dual Monitor (and closing the app down....)

I only buy the one day Sports Pass on Formula 1 days and boy, is it a pain trying to watch what I've paid for.....


Seems an absolute pain to try and watch on a Windows 10 PC, so I always revert to my iPad....


But when I can/do get it to work on my PC, it defaults to the main monitor of my dual monitor set up.


How can I get it to switch to the monitor I want it to view on ?  (I want to watch NowTV on my 2nd monitor, which it to my right, whilst I continue to work on my main monitor which is directly in front of me) ??


Secondly -how the hell do you 'escape' out of the App ?  You can't use the Escape Key, that does nothing, and there aren't any buttons ??????? The only way I can fathom out how to close the App down is to Kill it using the Task Manager ???


PLEASE can you make this more user friendly ????