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NowTV RUINED on Windows PC for parents

My daughter would like to view NowTV movies on her Windows PC. Used to work fine with the Microsoft Store App. Unfortunately that no longer works and you have to log into the web page and install the Player app. Fair enough I thought...


However, the Player app does not run stand alone. She must be logged in to my account on the web page in order to choose a movie which then plays in the app. As I also have Now TV Broadband this means that she can now access and change all the security and parental features such as the Broadband Buddy content filters!


I now have to keep her logged out, and then every time she wants to watch something I have to go and log in and supervise while she chooses something. Extremely inconvenient!


Is there any way around this so that the PC can work just as a viewer, the same way as other devices with just a parental pin code?