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NowTV Player won't update.

So my Now Player on my Mac won't play anything until I've installed the update. Fine. I've downloaded and installed this update at least 6 times at this point, both manually and via the app. I've restarted my computer. I've logged in and out of Now TV multiple times. The updated player downloads successfully when I do it manually, but then wen I try to open it to watch something, it immediately goes back to "There's an update you need to install!"

When I install try it through the app, it has a 'Downloading' sign and gets stuck at 100% for hours before it finally crashes. 

Has anyone else had this issue? Any help would be so appreciated!!

This has been going on since yesterday morning, if I can't fix it I'll just have to end my membership, no point paying when you can't watch anything 😕 

Anonymous User
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I watch it on Mac. Just downloaded the update, installed it and tried to open it. It won't open. Tells me there's an issue. Suggests I check I'm using a compatible IOS (10.9 or newer). I'm still on 10.9.5 so no reason it shouldn't work. Restarted my computer, downloaded it again...same thing. Maybe its a bug in the update for mac? After trying unsucessfully everything I could think of...I've just cancelled all my memberships for the time being.


@Anonymous User iOS relates to iPhones, not Macs, do you mean OSX 10.9? Which is the minimum stated to be required, but is, frankly, a bit long in the tooth now. Is NOW TV working OK on other devices?