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NowTV Player Shuts down after 3 seconds

The issue on a previous thread says it is resolved. IT IS NOT.

I downloaded the player.  As soon as I try and start watching, it shuts down.  No error message.

yes, I cleared cache, and cookies, and data.

yes, I uninstalled

yes, I tried a different browser

When contacting support, they suggested it is a router issue. It is not since I stream Netflix and Prime with no issues.  


When the chat technician asks you to reset your router, Don't do it.  This is just their trick to get you disconnected from the chat so that they can be rid of you.  Best thing to do is cancel and get a refund.

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Just installed Player for first time.  MacOS 13.1.  Player shuts down 3 seconds into show (doesn't get past the adverts).  No good unfortunately.  

Elite 3

I gave up on the NOW player for Mac ages ago. In light of this thread I thought I would download again. Didn't even get past an "unable to contact our servers" error message. Have given it up again as a bad job. Interestingly, my Mac is now listed as the latest device used, though!


@windowspcuserthe chats router trick happened to me as well and I should have known better but it was after several hours trying every trick to get NowTV to work. Clearly the NOWTV chat service is not being monitored. I've always had issues with the NOWTV application on the PC. I was just checking if they have updated it since 8.22.0 when I last had problems getting it to run and they haven't. I can only conclude there arn't many people using the NowTV app on a PC? It is annoying since I don't want to sign up to SKY and NOWTV is the only route currently in the UK to watch some programmes. I'm not going down this route but often the only way to view media content is by downloadind pirated media. It's rediculous that in this internet media age we are still restricted from paying for content we want to watch. I don't use DVDs these days and so it has to be online but often we can't watch we want to watch online or we are prevented watching content due to dumb media companies not able to fix their viewing sofware or provide enough viewing content. The whole  online media system is still broken at the moment throttled by a small handful of media providers.



Do you own a television?

I am severely hampered from helping with problems with Now on PC and Mac because it works perfectly on both my Dell XPS 15 and my iMac Retina 21.5”.

For some value of ‘perfectly’ which involves Now’s peculiar ‘browser and player’ setup, that is; but it can be done, though I know many people have a lot of trouble with it.

Set a Payment PIN on your account so that no-one but you can buy memberships on it. Check your bank accounts monthly for any other unexpected payments to Now. That way you can at least nip them in the bud, while you and Now figure out whose fault they are.